TDP-5 Tablet Press



Technical specifications of TDP 5 single punch tablet press machine

Model: TDP 5
Max.  production capacity : 5000 pcs/h
Max.  Diameter of tablet 22 mm
Max.  Thickness of tablet 7 mm
Max.  Filling depth: 15 mm
Max. Main Pressure 50 KN
Motor: 220 V/110 V
Power: 0.55 KW
Machine weight: 120 kg
Width: 650 mm
Height: 650 mm
Depth: 440 mm





















The TDP 5 tablet press has measurements of 440 mm x 650 mm x 650 mm, and the weight 120 kg. it has a turret speed of  1400 r/min when running on electricity, and its motor operates at a maximum power of 0.55 KW for single phase use. The machine can run on mains power that supplies either 110 v or 220 v.

Excellent Performance of the TDP 5 Tablet Press:

Lightweight for its class
Compact footprint
Fast and reliable
Flexible output
Electric or manually powered
Wide raw material compatibility
Low consumption
Press tablets of any shape
Full steel body


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